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Kristin Astourian

Artist | Musician | Entrepreneur


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Tallest Towers

Children Of The Feather

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4/12/18                       Sahara Lounge – Austin, Texas


Briefly About Me

Kristin Astourian was born just outside of Los Angeles. She is the second of 8 children. At age 7, her family moved to Kansas City, MO. The artistic energy and spirit of the west coast never left her though. Art and music were safe havens for her growing up in a crowded home, revolving around religious devotion and home schooled education.

From a young age, she spent all hours studying classical music and making her own compositions on the piano. Her parents saw her writing and composing as “messing around”. It wasn’t until a piano teacher made it clear that “writing and composing are something to be encouraged” that Kristin was given true license to create. After that, she spent almost every night writing songs on guitar, or pounding out an idea on a keyboard in the basement. She ended up pursuing a music and theatre degree in college, and graduated with her B.F.A. from Avila University.

In 2009, after a brief stint working in the regional theatre circuit, Kristin moved to Austin, TX to explore the vibrant music scene and pursue her artistic passions. The move shifted her focus from theatre back to her first love, songwriting. Over the past six years, Kristin has performed all over Austin playing with the bands Children of the Feather, Chums (Formally The Lovely Brigade), Tallest Towers, and under her own name.

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